Careers at La Cima

Our teachers are: persistent, dedicated professionals

Who we're seeking to join us

We seek mission driven full-time educators with high expectations for children and the willingness to engage in deep reflection and growth. Our teachers are: persistent, dedicated professionals, who are team players and have a sense of humor. They must have demonstrated commitment to their professional development and personal growth. Teachers at La Cima are passionate about the development, learning and success of all children, and relentless about attaining the best outcomes. Whether beginning or master teachers, we believe we learn by applying our best effort, reviewing data and feedback, and innovating. We seek educators of high personal integrity and character who are committed to social justice, as we believe that we teach who we are.

Our Beliefs as Educators

  • We believe that all students, regardless of home language/culture or special needs status can succeed in our school community.  It is our responsibility as educators to create differentiated instructional environments that nurture and respect students’ innate genius and supportively challenge their areas of weakness. 
  • We believe that bilingualism is an asset that is increasingly necessary in a global economy. We believe that all students should have the ability to speak, read and write in more than one language.
  • We believe in culturally responsive methodologies and content which give schooling a deeper, more meaningful, relevant place in student lives. 
  • We believe families are our partners. We view each home and heritage culture as having intrinsic value, and unique strengths that when thoughtfully and appropriately integrated into the school setting, significantly strengthen the academic environment.
  • We believe in data driven-instruction. By analyzing student data and teaching students to apply effective effort, they gain self-confidence, and the character strength to become smarter with practice.

Current Openings