Mission, Vision and History

"La cima" is Spanish for the peak of a mountain.

What does "la cima" mean?

“La cima” is Spanish for the peak of a mountain. The peak represents excellence, your personal best; it is a place of reflection after the hard work of climbing, where we can celebrate our progress, and plan for the next challenge.

Our Mission

The mission of La Cima Elementary Charter School is to prepare our students for academic and life-long success through a rigorous and relevant academic program.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop students who us their intellectual capacity, social capital and emotional strength of character to be personally successful and to act as effective change-makers in their communities.

Our History

Our philosophy is grounded in the behavioral psychology of Dr. Carol Dweck, the theories of Paolo Freire, and Lisa Delpit which speak to education for social and political change. We believe that through creating an excellent school organization, we can create innovative opportunities that support and develop wider community change. The school becomes a location for social and political change to take root, through our scholars, our team, families, and our work together.