At La Cima, we are committed to serving a diverse population of learners and we have several supports in place to make that possible. Over 23% of our population have individualized educational programs and receive a range of services to address their academic, social and behavioral needs.

Unique Staffing Model

At La Cima, we have a Director of Scholar Support and a Special Education Coordinator who work together to coordinate our special education programming. They work closely with key agencies to ensure that all mandated services are provided, as well coach special education teachers in their lesson planning and instruction. We also have a registered behavior technician, trained in applied behavior analysis, who helps us develop individualized behavior plans for scholars. We also have a full guidance counselor on staff.

K-5 Inclusive Co-teaching Model

We have inclusive co-teaching classes kindergarten through fifth grade in which a special education certified and general education certified teacher work together to provide differentiated instruction for all scholars in the same setting. We use this approach, in addition, to pull out sessions for our scholars with IEPs.

School-wide Intervention

Each day, we provide intensive literacy instruction for scholars who are below grade level. Scholars work in a small group using the Leveled Literacy Intervention program, a research-based program designed to help students make gains in fluency and comprehension.